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Only stop when you have achieved a victory or you run out of wine

There is a saying in the legal field, “when examining a witness always stop when you have achieved a victory”.  When Amy and I stepped away from Evensong in 2016 to enter the high earning Austin tech market, it was always my plan to return after paying off the winery debt. Then, I could reboot the tiny winery in my semi-retirement years using the 700 cases of wine we held in a wine storage warehouse.  By 2019 we eliminated the debt.  But, later that year, came the cancer diagnosis.  It was eliminated in the spring of 2020, while we were all in self-quarantine.  I still found a way to send off 3 of our wines to the crowded 2020 Sunset Magazine Int’l Wine Competition.  All three won silver!

Here’s my point.  I now have 632 cases of Evensong wine that are drinking very well right now from the 2012 to 2014 vintages.  The victory I mentioned above is not a wine competition medal.   Our winery slogan has always been, “Celebrate what’s right about life”!  And celebrating entails sharing.  Unless others are enjoying the wine, there is no celebration, and it will not be a victory. 

So, I want to give you all something to celebrate and an enormous deal on the remaining Evensong wine library to help your celebration.

While supplies last

  • you can purchase any of our wines at 40% off when you buy a case or more (this includes our platinum winning Barbera 2013)
  • The wine will be shipped to your home FREE using UPS ground (5 to 8 days)
  • On top off all that, we will give 10% of your purchase price to one of the following charities – Paralyzed Veterans of America, Goodwill or Special Olympics. Check out my blog post that explains the rationale for these charities

Anyone familiar with the wine industry knows that profit margins in the industry won’t cover these discounts.  But, as I said above, we paid off the associated debt.  The benefit to us will be learning that you are still out there.  Then, maybe, just maybe, there will be enough proceeds for me to make wine in 2022 that would then be cause for another celebration!  Of course, I would not want to do that alone 

I do encourage you not to wait!  This offer is going out to over 2,000 people that have either purchased our wines in the past or have expressed interest in doing so over the last couple of years and I don’t want you to miss out.


Edward Coughlin, winemaker

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