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Evensong wine availability during the summer

Evensong wine availability during the summer


 Friday, June 16th, was the final day to place an order for shipping wine before the summer shipping restrictions.  If you would like to know where our wines might be available for purchase during the summer months, please subscribe to our newsletter.

To all of you that have placed multiple orders of our wine, we want to thank you for the affirmation your support has given us.  Every repeat order has meant that our wines have aged well and that makes us very thankful.  The positive feedback from the organizers of 5 different fund raisers that served our wines at every table has been equally inspiring!

We have really enjoyed seeing our wine on family tables and in fund raiser auction bundles this year!   Has anyone ever heard of a non-profit winery?  I'm sure you have visited a few.  

I told Amy that retirement just means working without a paycheck at things you enjoy.  Frankly, I would love to spend my retirement producing a few hundred cases of great wine every year in a climate-controlled, climate-change-averse greenhouse  using all the proceeds for charity.   I just want to be found among the vines.  Stay Tuned!

Happy Fathers Day!