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Evensong Retirement Party Live Event!


We've had quite a week!  We've been humbled by the support our customers have shown since we launched our retirement sale. We have been equally humbled and honored to have been approached by multiple Oregon YMCA's interested in featuring our wine to serve at their annual banquet and auction. Together, the sales and donations thus far amount to 20% of our inventory.

Now we can see our way to planning a live virtual celebration event after the new year and invite everyone of you that has been supporting us.  We'll have give-aways of Evensong memorabilia and will plan some fun virtual tastings too!

We want to give a special shout out to our dear friends, the Peachey's, who filled their wine cellar with Evensong wine in the first 24 hours of our sale, your love and support has never wavered through the years!  And the Hunts, for some reason we had a flood of Eugene sales shortly after you sent in an order.  Hmmm, we love you guys.  

We also want to say thanks to our sister and dear friend of Evensong, Marisa.  She connected us with the right people at the YMCA that would benefit from wine donations.  Her steadfast belief in our wines has been an encouragement.  That goes for the rest of our family in Oregon and Idaho too!

There are more of you that we want to say thanks to  personally and we hope to do that at the party!

But, we still have great award winning wines being sold below cost at $8 a bottle with free shipping.  For those of you that are considering a purchase, you will not be disappointed having them in your wine fridge.  Once it is gone, it's gone.

Also, if you are a non-profit charitable organization and could benefit from wine donations for fund raisers, we'd like to help.  Just contact us through our "contact us" info here on the site.

Through the years, we’ve enjoyed the kindness strangers, friends and family at the tasting room, along with the favor of judges at wine competitions. 

We hope we will join up with you soon at the live event!  But either way, we want you to know how very grateful we have been for your support and encouragement through this journey.

Details for the live event will go out as we get closer to completing the inventory clearance.


Best wishes and God bless!

Ed and Amy